My Work


Short drama edited in WASA 2018

Director  -  Ruby Darge
Ana Victoria Neves - Writer 
Cinematographer- Brianna Trinidad
 Editor - Saba Tsegay Gidey 


Short drama edited in WASA 2018

Melanie Julien-Martial
- Producer
Adrienne Cobbs - Director
Cory Booth - Writer
Morgan Maclannan
 - Associate Producer
Brendan Joel - Cinematographer
James Brock - Sound Designer
Saba Tsegay Gidey - Editor


Short documentary edited in WASA 2018

Ruby Darge - Director   
Ana Victoria Neves - Writer 
Brianna Trinidad -Cinematographer
Saba Tsegay Gidey - Editor

Short Documentary


Broadcast documentary edited 2017
Paul-Alain Hunt - Director 
Saba Tsegay Gidey - Editor and Cinematographer

I have completed my undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at ECU, and this gave me the opportunity to have my short documentary film broadcasted on channel 7 featuring, The Honourable Stephen Noel Dawson MLC, who supports documentary films featured in the Department of Parks and Wildlife. In addition, I did a documentary film about Ghost of Vincent that made it in the short films at The Revelation Film Festival in the City of Vincent.

Masters graduate of Screen Studies at the WA Screen Academy specialising in editing and had the opportunity to edit a short film called 'Raw', a documentary film called ‘Single Use Planet’ and a client-based Aboriginal Performance film project called ‘Embers’

These opportunities have allowed me to extend my skills, explore creative ways, and implement different editing styles to tell a story and engage with a broad audience. Hence, I chose to study Film and Videos. Although the workis much tougher than I initially expected, I have worked extensive hours and found my real passion, recognising that my hard work and commitment has been very important and rewarding.

The above accomplishments give me the satisfaction that I could be an asset to various companies in the industry. As a student in Screen Academy, I have seen the importance of being an efficient team member, and how a strong team with mutual respect and a positive attitude results in excellent performance.